Bulk Submission Form

If you are looking to sell your bulk cards to us, please click here for the submission form.

Once we have received your form and have agreed to buy your bulk, please send your cards to the address below:

41 Cronkbourne Village
Isle of Man

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my payment?

We aim to process all submissions within 3 working days of when your parcel has arrived to us. For bulk card submissions, payments will be processed as soon as we have confirmed the final card count. It is highly important that you group cards together by type, as this will drastically reduce the turnaround time of your submission.

How do I receive store credit?

To be eligible for store credit, you must have an account with us here on the website at ManninCards. This is so we can apply the credit to your account. When creating a submission, please specify if you would like cash or store credit. Once we have processed your cards, we will email you a gift card credited with your trade-in value. This code is redeemable for one year from the day it is sent to you.

How do you reimburse shipping?

Once we have confirmed your submission and are ready to process payment, we will add the cost of your shipping back on to your statement. Please keep proof of shipping readily available (either a tracking number or a receipt from the post office is fine). Without it, we can not reimburse shipping costs. If exchanging for store credit, your shipping cost will be added on to your trade-in value.

What is a bulk submission service fee?

As we spend a lot of time processing bulk submissions, we would like to make the turnaround as efficient and accurate as possible. If cards are inadequately sorted, or greatly miscounted, this can lead to significant delays. If this happens, your submission may be subject to a 20% service fee charge. The fee is to account for staff time which is spent recounting submissions. Any service fee charge will be reduced from your statement at the end of the turnaround process.

Do you accept damaged cards?

For modern cards, we do not accept any with damage (Near-Mint only). We will make exceptions for older cards with slight wear, however, please let us know in advance that these are in your submission. Please provide as much information as possible when creating a submission so that we can price them accordingly.

What if my cards are lost or damaged while shipping?

We highly recommend that you send all submissions with a tracked service, for both peace of mind and insurance purposes. We are not responsible for parcels going missing while in the shipping process.

Please ensure that your cards are safely and securely packaged. We are not responsible for damage caused during transit, and we will not pay you for damaged cards.

How will I receive any rejected cards back?

If any of your submitted cards are rejected due to their condition, type, language or any other criteria, we will return the cards back to you. Your cards can be returned alongside your next order for no charge, or if you would like them sent back separately, we charge a small fee of £2 to cover shipping and materials costs. Additionally, we can dispose of these cards at no extra cost, at your request.